Big Kid's Lil Blossom - Bumblebees
Big Kid's Lil Blossom - Bumblebees
Big Kid's Lil Blossom - Bumblebees
Big Kid's Lil Blossom - Bumblebees
Big Kid's Lil Blossom - Bumblebees
Big Kid's Lil Blossom - Bumblebees
Tin Haul

Big Kid's Lil Blossom - Bumblebees


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Tin Haul boots are the only brand with awesome vamp and shaft designs and a see-through sole.


  • 19077803


  • Bumblebees


  • Crackle Brown Vamp With Stitched Daisies
  • Square Toe
  • Double Welt
  • 8" Shaft
  • Walking Heel
  • Handmade Crafted Boot
  • Growth Spurt Insole
  • Leather Lining
  • Transparent Obvious Sole with Bumblebees
  • Manufacturer’s Code # 14-119-0077-0803 BR

Big Kids Sizing Chart

4 3 34.5
5 4 36
6 5 37
7 6 38

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  • Q. The soles look like they will be slippery, are they? A.The soles are slippery on Ice and Snow (similar to leather)
  • Q. What are they made of? A. The soles are made of TPU  (Themoplastic Polyurethane)
  • Q.T he soles look like they’ll wear out quickly? A. TPU will last longer than Leather soles
  • Q. What is the comfort system in the inner-soles? A. The current comfort system is comprised of a non-removable, eva layer and cork filler - The traditional comfort of most Mexico Boots. We are introducing a NEW COMFORT  insole featuring a superior PU Removable insole that provides a fantastic foot comfort from day one.
  • Q. Why are they priced higher than other boots – more detail about the manufacturing process please or quality of leather, etc. A. Tin Haul boots feature An expensive clear TPU sole and Graphic Sole, Premium Leathers are used, Artisan Designed Boots featuring hand made techniques. All Tin Haul Boots are handmade in Mexcio by skilled workers Hand cutting leathers, Hand lasting, Hand finishing
  • Q.  Any other information about the structure of the boot or design/manufacturing that makes them unique? A. Tin Haul Boots are the only Artisan designed Boots at a reasonable price. Tin Haul has been the premier innovator of unique boot design concepts - Prints on shaft and vamp, Cool vamp designs, Artisan underlay designs like the iconic Shark Boot.