Hay Baler
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Hay Baler


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Our Round Baler includes 1 of our patented hay bales with holes. This 1:20 scale Round Baler can be pulled with our Tractor & Implements, Ford F250 Truck with the peg-and-hole hitch. The hay bale with holes will fit inside of the Rounds Baler's hay compartment and can be rolled out, just like a real baler!
The Round Baler and Hay Bale are made of our proprietary blend of plastic that creates durable and lifelike toys. For the ultimate hay baling experience pair with the Hay Bales - Set of 5
Complete the vehicle set with the Flatbed Trailer and Sundowner Trailer
Dimensions: Round Baler: 13" Length 7.5" Width 7.25" Height
Hay Bal 3" Length 3" Width 3" Height
Tractor & Implements SOLD SEPARATELY