Western Buckle
Western Buckle
Western Buckle
Western Buckle
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Western Buckle


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Get the Horns Attitude Buckle
Dark antiquing over Montana Silversmiths classic western filigree sets the Get the Horns Attitude Buckle apart from others. A longhorn figure sits in the middle of the buckle framed with a smooth silver tone border. A star sits in each corner near the scalloped smooth silver tone outer border of the buckle adding additional interest and detail. This Attitude buckle is a standout, and its simple design makes it easy to add to any outfit. Standard 1.5 inch belt swivel. 
Materials: Silver over a white metal alloy. Paint. Protective finish.
Dimensions: Width: 4.04 Inch,Height: 3.29 Inch,Depth: 1 Inch

Montana Armor® is a Montana Silversmiths technological breakthrough which was first implemented in 1985. Utilizing state-of-the-art techniques, Montana Armor extends the durability of electroplated buckles, jewellery, and accessories against the effect of chemicals, tarnishing and abrasion. Montana Armor preserves the appearance and enhances the value of Montana Silversmiths products and has established Montana Silversmiths as a leader in the industry in innovation together with rugged protection and beauty in craftsmanship.

What is great about Montana Silversmiths buckles and jewellery is the trademark protective finish called Montana Armor, which can keep tarnishing at bay. All you need to do is wipe down your piece with a dry, 100% cotton cloth to remove any impurities that may have gathered when wearing. You may also use mild soap and water as needed, and pat dry with a soft cloth. Just a few tips to ensure the Montana Armor finish remains intact. Please keep your piece away from jewellery cleaners, silver cleaners, treated polishing cloths, perfumes, hairspray, lotions, hand-sanitizers, and make-up. Also, do not soak your item in water for too long or fail to rinse away soap, if used to clean. Any of these items can damage the protective lacquer and cause tarnishing to occur. Have your Montana Silver piece be the last item you put on in the morning. It is also best to tuck your cherished item away when not wearing.

A printable size chart is available here:
Montana Silversmiths Ring Sizing Guide

Though some designs may vary, in most cases Montana Silversmiths jewellery is created through a multi-step process that begins with a designer's hand sketch and engraving. Each piece, except for German silver products, is minted in solid brass or zinc alloy and plated in 99.9% fine silver, 24 karat gold or rose gold, and/or black nickel, as indicated in each product description. German silver pieces are minted in solid German silver and accented with brightly polished bronze. Since silver has a natural tendency to tarnish (oxidize) and scratch, we add Montana Armor to assist in retarding this natural process. Earring posts, French wires, and lever backs are composed of hypoallergenic stainless steel. Unless otherwise noted in the product description, most rings are manufactured with a solid sterling silver base then plated in shiny rhodium for a bright silver look with easy care.

German Silver is a trade name for full 18 percent silver nickel plate polished to a jewellery finish for a beautiful, lightly aged silver look. Bronze accents are also brightly polished for a light gold appearance. German silver contains no sterling silver. German Silver products are not plated, but minted in solid German Silver and, where applicable, applied with solid bronze accents. Like all Montana Silversmiths buckles, the Montana Armor clear finish is applied, perfectly capturing the special antiqued patina of German Silver.

Just remember this easy tip for keeping your Montana Silver clean. All you need is a dry, 100% cotton cloth and a little elbow grease. Wiping your item down with the cloth should remove any impurities or darkening that can occur from wearing the item. If that does not work, try some mild soap and a little water then pat dry with a soft cloth. Also, this is important: Soaking your product in water, failing to remove all the soap or treating your jewellery with silver cleaners or polishing cloths can remove the protective lacquer and cause the item to tarnish.