Sunbody Hats Sizes Chart

Head Sizes (cm) 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63
Hat Sizes 6-1/4 6-3/8 6-1/2 6-5/8 6-3/4 6-7/8 7 7-1/8 7-1/4 7-3/8 7-1/2 7-5/8 7-3/4 7-7/8

How to shape your Sunbody Hat

SunBody Hats are re-shapable! Wear them in the sun or rain, you can step on them and get them muddy – just wash them clean, wet them and reshape them as often as you like! 

  • Get your hat good and wet, inside and out.
  • Crease the crown (as shown), putting the seam at the back.
  • Shape the side curves like you want them. For symmetry, look at the inside of the crown while working it.

 Hat Shaping

  • Shape the brim by rolling the edges toward the crown.
  • Exaggerate the roll, maybe even crease it, as the brim will have a tendency to uncurl some when you let it go.  

The following hats are approved for reshaping

HG4BRTCO Reata 4 inch Brim
HG4AOKRL Reata Oak 4 inch Brim
HG5AOKRN Reata Oak 5 inch Brim
HG45+R3 Reata III
HG4AOAKB Oak Boxtop
HG4AOAKC Oak Cattleman
HG5B-OAK Standard Palm Oak – Open Crown
HG5B-STD Standard Palm – Open Crown
HGKC-BW2 Kids' Barbed Wire Cattleman
HGKC-RH2 Kids' Running Horses Cattleman
HGKC-1HB1 Kids' Longhorn Cattleman – Single Longhorn
HGKC-BOOTS2 Kids' Boots Cattleman
HGKC Kids' Cattleman
HGKC-BE-RB Kids' Cattleman Bound Edge
HGKC-BE-SP Kids' Cattleman Bound Edge