Troxel Fit Guide

Technical Specifications

Fit and Comfort Systems

Adjustable fit systems provide customers with the opportunity to pick from small, medium or large shell sizes to quickly customize fit. Advantages include: lower inventory requirements and additional helmet room to accommodate unique head shapes and various hair styles.

SureFit™ System

The SureFit™ System incorporates elastic straps that self-adjust to the size and shape of the rider’s head. With ultra-plush padding the SureFit™ System provides an unmatched level of comfort and stability. Available in the SureFit™ System Elite with leather and flocking trim and the SureFit™ System Pro.


DialFit System

The soft-touch dial permits quick and precise helmet adjustment. 

Flip-Fold™ System

The Flip-Fold™ System is part of the headliner. Adjustments are made by simply folding over the integrated tabs making the padding thinner or thicker to accommodate various head shapes and hairstyles


Troxel Fit and Size Guides

Head Sizes (cm) 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63
Hat Sizes 6-1/4 6-3/8 6-1/2 6-5/8 6-3/4 6-7/8 7 7-1/8 7-1/4 7-3/8 7-5/8 7-5/8 7-3/4 7-7/8


Troxel Helmets

What is SEI / ASTM certification?

SEI is the Safety Equipment Institute, an organization that certifies protective equipment for a variety of industries. ASTM is one of the world’s most respected standards organizations, setting standards for everything from curing of concrete to hotness of red peppers to protective headgear.

For equestrian helmets, SEI has selected the ASTM standard F1163-15 to evaluate helmet performance. All Troxel helmets are SEI certified to the current ASTM Equestrian Helmet Standard. SEI requires testing at an independent lab to the F1163-15 ASTM Standard.

Do more expensive helmets have a better safety record?

As long as your helmet is SEI/ASTM certified, you’re buying a certified protective helmet. Spending more might get you different padding, fancier styling or materials, but it doesn’t translate into advanced protection.

How often should helmets be replaced?

All Troxel helmets involved in an accident should be replaced immediately. Your helmet is only designed for one impact event.

All active gear will suffer from differing degrees of normal wear-and-tear, depending upon the user. Equestrian helmets used by a rider 150 days a year will, by comparison, wear faster than gear used by a weekend rider. By taking care of your Troxel helmet, you will ensure a longer lifespan for your product. However, due to evolving standards, technologies and the potential for unseen material deterioration, it is recommended that you replace your helmet at least every five years from the date of purchase. Those who ride often should replace their helmet more often.

Can I paint or sticker my helmet?

We strongly advise against painting, applying stickers, gluing crystals, cameras or any other objects to or otherwise modifying a helmet as all of these modifications can damage the helmet and/or reduce its protective capabilities.