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Standard Palm - Open Crown


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Shape Your Own Style

Guatemalan standard palm hat with a flat brim and rounded crown ready to be shaped. Using only water this hat can be shaped in a variety of ways.

See How To Shape Your Hat


    • HG5B-STD


    • Colour – Natural
    • Guatemalan standard palm leaf
    • Black elastic hatband


    • 5” Brim / 5 ¾” Crown

      How to shape your Sunbody Hat

      SunBody Hats are re-shapable! Wear them in the sun or rain, you can step on them and get them muddy – just wash them clean, wet them and reshape them as often as you like! 

      • Get your hat good and wet, inside and out.
      • Crease the crown (as shown), putting the seam at the back.
      • Shape the side curves like you want them. For symmetry, look at the inside of the crown while working it.

       Hat Shaping

      • Shape the brim by rolling the edges toward the crown.
      • Exaggerate the roll, maybe even crease it, as the brim will have a tendency to uncurl some when you let it go.  

      The following hats are approved for reshaping

      HG4BRTCO Reata 4" Brim
      HG4AOKRL Reata Oak 4" Brim
      HG5AOKRN Reata Oak 5" Brim
      HG45+R3 Reata III
      HG4AOAKB Oak Boxtop
      HG4AOAKC Oak Cattleman
      HG5B-OAK Standard Palm Oak – Open Crown
      HG5B-STD Standard Palm – Open Crown
      HGKC-BW2 Kids Barbed Wire Cattleman
      HGKC-RH2 Kids Running Horses Cattleman
      HGKC-1HB1 Kids Longhorn Cattleman – Single Longhorn
      HGKC-BE-NTQ Kids Cattleman Bound Edge
      HGKC Kids Cattleman
      HGKC-BE-RB Kids Cattleman Bound Edge
      HGKC-BE-SP Kids Cattleman Bound Edge


      Size Conversion Table

      Head Sizes (cm) 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63
      Hat Sizes 6⅜ 6⅝ 6⅞ 7 7⅛ 7⅜ 7⅝ 7⅞